SOLIDWORKS Premium streamlines the Product Development Process

In today’s competitive environment, it’s more important than ever to bring products to market quickly and efficiently – without sacrificing quality. The advanced automation features in SOLIDWORKS Premium help accelerate the design-to-manufacturing process at every stage, allowing for continual optimization and validation of designs while minimizing repetitive, time-consuming manual processes.

SOLIDWORKS Premium’s integrated 3D CAD technologies helps Palmer Foundry develop better products and bring them to market faster.

SOLIDWORKS Premium allows Palmer Foundry’s high skilled engineers to perform virtual product simulation, design validation, CNC tool path generation, tooling development, and documentation development. Leading to a more efficient and accurate cost and quote for our customer’s product

FLOWCast allows us to model convection, conduction and radiation within the mold cavity. This allows Palmer Foundry to analyze casting and gating design to predict and minimize flow-related defects such as mis-runs due to premature solidification, oxide formation, or mold erosion to excessive velocities during filling.