Equipment Spotlight

Immersion Heating Technology

In 2018, Palmer Foundry commissioned a crucible furnace with immersion heating technology with support from the supplier Drache in Germany. By heating the metal internally (instead of from the ladle surface), immersion heaters are able to heat the metal (from 300 lbs to 25,000 lbs) more rapidly and uniformly. The first of its kind in the United States, the two 15 kW immersion heaters manufactured by Lethiguel in France allow an 80% reduction in energy, compared to their existing resistance ladles.

Solar Energy

The processes involved with the manufacture of aluminum castings consumes a significant amount of electrical and natural gas resources.  With the rising energy costs that were particularly prevalent in the Northeastern United States, Palmer Foundry looked at how they could reduce energy costs in their manufacturing process as well as become involved in the push for more green and sustainable manufacturing.  In 2014, Palmer Foundry installed a 312.5 KW solar field on a portion of its nine-acre campus.  The solar installation has provided hundreds of thousands in utility savings, as well as significantly reduced the carbon footprint of Palmer Foundry.  On an average year, Palmer Foundry generates 18% of its total electrical demand from its own solar field.  We believe in promoting American manufacturing while also striving to be a participant in the push for sustainability for decades to come and our solar field is an excellent example of this achievement.

Sand Reclamation

In an effort to become more environmentally friendly, reduce virgin sand usage and lower costs, Palmer Foundry installed a thermal reclamation sand system in 2003 allowing the recovery and recycling of over 20 million pounds of sand a year. Further, the sand reclamation process has reduced the demand for additional chemical binder systems, and therefore, further reduces the foundry’s environmental impact.