Why Palmer?

As a leading casting manufacturer we excel across a wide spectrum of casting sizes, scope and complexity with the ability to manufacture castings weighing as little as 10 ounces to as large as 1,800 lbs.  In addition to our proprietary alloys, we have vast experience working with A356, A357, E357, 712, SP319, C355 and 535 alloys.  We are the experts at leveraging the advantages of aluminum casting to deliver better parts for lower costs than other fabrication methods, including machined billets and stainless steel or aluminum welded components. Our customers routinely realize 50% or more savings per part over these processes.    

For example, compared to machined billets, our aluminum casting process can produce parts with far less raw material and minimal waste. Additionally, our aluminum castings deliver near net shape which minimizes machining which also saves time and money.

Compared to welded assembly, our aluminum casting process eliminates assembly costs. And, we are often able to combine multiple parts into one which reduces cost even further while also improving performance.

With our aluminum castings, our customers can also save money through the decreased weight of parts and through reduced inventory when parts are combined.

Further, Palmer Foundry offers rough machining capabilities that allow it to deliver a superior product for final finishing.  We work collaboratively with OEMs and machine shops to develop strategic engineering solutions that further reduce cost and provide near net shape machine billet quality castings.